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Welcome to QWikLink!


It’s a tool. An edge. An idea. A solution.

Quad’s business is no longer just printing. It’s people turning technology into solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Quad Customer Solutions technology is about helping you successfully compete in a digital world. Technology to enhance the value of your printed products while offering you complementary services.

We believe the information highway is paved with paper and ink!

Welcome to QWikLink! QWikLink is a suite of tools designed to help our customers leverage technology to decrease cost, and even increase revenue.


Welcome to QWikLink! This site is intended to help customers of Quad communicate more efficiently with the facilities producing your work.

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Remember, this system is only for use by Quad customers to help communicate more effectively with the facilities producing your work. If you are not a customer of Quad, click the Quad logo at the top right of the screen to learn more about the company and the services offered.

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