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BookTrac provides existing Quad Book Services customers with real-time summary and detail information regarding jobs and shipments as well as reporting for film/disk, paper, and component inventories. BookTrac also displays "Alerts" for upcoming material deadlines, facilitates e-mailing of customer service and sales representatives, and allows exporting and downloading of data into Excel spreadsheet format.
DTB QWikQuote provides existing Quad Digital Trade Book (DTB) customers with a tool to generate quotes based upon their specifications. Up to 3 pricing levels may be generated at one time. The customer may easily revise and regenerate the quote as needed.
Enterprise Mail provides a communication link of mail information to the production floor (ERP) and USPS, via PostalOne. This information is used today for shop floor reporting and USPS postal form generation.
InfoExchange provides Quad customers and customer service representatives with the ability to easily share files.
Newsstand provides breakup agents access to Quad’ newsstand system for downloading distribution data and delivery reporting.
TargetTrac provides Quad Magazine and Catalog customers with up-to-date information about their insert and finished product inventories, as well as shipment tracking capabilities. TargetTrac also provides plant contact information and production manuals.
TracNetWeb provides a live on-line tool, giving customers the ability to track their mail. TracNetWeb combines data from Quad' traditional WorldTrac, PLANET Code and Seeding.

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